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Walking the Timeless Way, A Daoist Podcast



Gu Dao Jin Xing


   The Show

Walking the Timeless Way (古道今行 Gu Dao Jin Xing) is a podcast that digs deeply into the ancient texts of Daodejing to uncover its timeless wisdom and discuss how to apply it to today’s chaotic world.

Join David Wang, executive coach, along with Ian Felton, practicing psychotherapist, as they have an ongoing dialogue about the classic text and how to apply it to our lives.

White Branch
Snowy Mountains

Latest Discussion

Ian's Translation of Daodejing

Ian introduces his translation of Daodejing, one that brings this classic text into the 21st century with contemporary language and colorful illustrations.

   The Organization

Walking the Timeless Way (Gu Dao Jin Xing 古道今行) is an organization whose purpose is to

  • Educate the public regarding Daoism and ancient Chinese philosophy.

  • Offer membership to a Daoist organization.

  • Offer forums and opportunities for those interested in Daoism to interact with others with a similar interest.

Executive coach, David Wang,  along with Ian Felton, a practicing psychotherapist, invite you to join them in heartfelt exploration and practice of Daoism.

White Branch

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"I grew up in China. I remember when I was a kid, my grandpa would tell me stories about the Taoist temple near our home and taught me to recite the verses of Daodejing like a poem. When I came to the US for college, Daodejing was one of the few Chinese books I brought with me. Over the years, the book has become a rich source of insight and my guidebook for life. Working as an executive coach, I often draw upon the wisdom from Daodejing to help leaders realize their true power, do more with less and become more effective and impactful. Studying the original Chinese texts of the book with Ian has been very rewarding and fun. Our morning chat is now one of my weekly rituals – a time and space in which I can take a step back from the day-to-day and think afresh about the world and future."

"I fell in love with the Daodejing as a teenager. I've studied Chinese language and culture for over a decade. As a student of taiji, a Chinese martial art that aims to embody Dao, understanding the ancient text  deeply benefits my training. Exploring the Daodejing in the original language with David is truly a dream come true. As a psychotherapist, I also tend to analyze the Daodejing through a lens of creating psychological well-being. Dao is about making things whole and finding balance. It's also about virtue and how to engage with other people and the world. The realm of psychotherapy has a lot to benefit from a deeper understanding of Dao."

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