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Chapter 68 of Daodejing

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

This post contains the Chinese and pinyin text of chapter 68 as well as the translation used in episode 15.

Conflict between two crabs
Conflict between two crabs


The best soldiers aren't big aggressive jerks who love war.
They don't stomp around being angry all the time.
The greatest victories are won without violence.
The greatest leaders lead with humility.
This is known as the virtue of not-striving.
This is known as the ability to work with people.
This, since ancient times, has been known as the ultimate unity with Dao.

Chinese with pinyin

shàn wéi shì zhě bù wǔ


shàn zhàn zhě bù nù


shàn shèng dí zhě bù yǔ


shàn​yòng rén zhě wéi zhī​xià


shì wèi bù​zhēng zhī dé


shì wèi ​yòng rén zhī lì


shì wèi pèi tiān gǔ zhī jí


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